July 6, 2012

Koshka Girl: Megan Costello

In our new series, Koshka Girl, we meet and speak with creative professional women who we feel a connection with. Namely, women who are independent, smart and straight up doing cool and awesome things.

Megan Costello is an Architectural Designer based in Los Angeles. Let’s get to know her!

Koshka: What drew you to pursue architecture?

Megan: I was always into math and science as well as art and thought architecture was the perfect mixture of both. I decided that when I was 10 years old.

K: And it never changed your mind even after you went to school and began to study it?

M: There were a couple times when I thought it was a lot of work, but I can’t imagine doing anything else. I always have to be doing something creative.

K: What are some favorite things about your job and what are the drawbacks?

M: Being able to see my input be turned into something concrete and just seeing my design turn into a building or a table for a restaurant. The drawbacks would be actually getting it built  because of things like the permit process and applications from the building and health department. There is a lot that takes place in making sure your building is a safe place for people to use. It’s a slow-moving art form.

K: What is your typical work uniform and how do you express your personal style at the office?

M: I work in a two-person office so there’s really no uniform. I try to dress comfortably and professionally but that could be black jeans and a plain dress shirt paired with some funky jewelry I’m feeling that day. It’s really laidback. If I have meetings, I usually wear a pencil skirt and I tend to wear many striped blouses. I try to dress professional but  it’s also kind of mod.

K: Do you think your profession has any influence on the way that you dress?

M: Definitely, everything I wear is usually structured in some way and a lot of things I have are very structural.

K: Do you have any favorite buildings in LA?

M: The Wiltern and the Fine Arts Building in Downtown, [both of] which I work in. [The Fine Arts Building] was also featured in 500 Days of Summer; the outside has these sculptures carved into the façade: one represents architecture and the other, sculpture. The Bradbury Building and the story behind it is also amazing. It wasn’t designed by an architect but was inspired by a passage in a novel. There’s also all the midcentury buildings around, like the Schindler House.

K: Do you have any buildings that you’re working on right now in LA?

M: Yes, a healthy Mexican restaurant and a couple residential homes in Pasadena in the historic district.  I’ve also been doing some freelance work on the Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

K: What are your current closet must-haves?

M: A paired of tailored shorts, a highwaisted pencil skirt, a pair of old school vans, my beat up jean jacket, a summer dress and a pair of boots.

K: Are you looking forward to anything special this summer?

M: More weddings. My Roller Derby games! And just being in LA for the summer. It feels like summer camp. Everyone’s always outside in the park, barbecuing and going on outings.

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