August 2, 2012

Koshka x Clothes Encounters: Beach Cover Ups

If you’re heading to the beach or any other body of water this weekend we highly recommend watching the latest Clothes Encounters video on beach cover ups! By the time you’re done you’ll have some head turning ideas on what to wear before hitting the water and what to wear after for a night out by the pier. There are also plenty of great styling tips sprinkled throughout on how to to tie in every look. Watch the full video below or by outfit and start getting that beach bag ready!

Featuring our Lucca Couture ‘Get Tribal’ Shorts.

Featuring our Line & Dot ‘Almond’ Pants.

Featuring our Otis & Maclain ‘Geisha Floral’ Top.

Featuring our Ladakh ‘Purple Haze’ Dress.