August 14, 2012

Meet the Blogger: Kristen Lam of KristenGlam

New York blogger, Kristen Lam of KristenGlam, manages to stay so put together and stylish while running around in her fair yet hectic city. Kristen has a natural sweet aura that is complemented with her down-to-earth personality. Likewise, her outfits demonstrate how we can stay comfy while still looking casually chic — all it takes is a reliable statement piece or two. Keep up with Kristen’s everyday adventures and two more ways on how she would style the Ladakh Translation Dress in her own series called, “Uno, Dos, Tres“!

Kristen in our Ladakh Lost in Translation Dress / Sam Edelman sandals

Koshka: Please introduce yourself and what inspired you to start blogging.

Kristen: My name is Kristen of Kristen Glam and I wasn’t inspired, but encouraged to start a blog by my fellow coworkers and friends at Bollare.

K: Has living in a such a fast-paced city influenced your personal style?

KL: Growing up and living in such an amazing city ilke New York has definitely shaped my personal style in ways that I can’t even imagine. Besides the unique street style that I encounter everyday, the fast-paced city life has definitely taught me to be more practical with my outfits. Being comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t look cute at the same time!

K: How would you describe your style? 

KL: I wish I could use a few simple words to describe my style, it’d be so much easier. The truth is, my style can be minimal modern one day and boyfriend chic the next (here I go, making up words!). My style depends on my mood, but I do love buying pieces that have a certain charm, a unique detail or pattern – Koshka is awesome for me because they cater to my my indecisive nature.

K: We saw that you were featured on Teen Vogue’s (A Room of My Own) series and you have a beautiful room! Where do you get your inspiration from to decorate your space? 

KL: You might say my room is a reflection of my personal style – it’s a blend of so many distinct styles. I’ve got tons of basic shelves, but of course, I’ve got vintage pieces here and there. A lot of the décor in my room is totally affordable for your average 21 year old.

K: Any favorite blogs that you read? 

KL: A few of my favorite blogs are Andy Heart, Honey N’ Silk and Juley Le – a few among many. Besides having great personal style, they have such sweet personalities too!

K: Describe your typical outfit to work and what items from our shop you would wear. 

KL: My typical outfit to work would be a comfy top, the Love, Zooey Dolman with Silk Inset shirt has the perfect amount of detail on a classic silhouette – or the Otis & Maclain Geisha Floral top – I can’t get enough of floral! I’d pair the dolman top with the Something Else Metamorphis Maxi skirt and the floral top with the Lucca Couture Tapestry shorts because a little print on prints never hurt anyone.

Kristen’s Outfit Picks