May 29, 2015

Summer Dressing

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One of our favorite things about warmer weather is finding that perfect summer dress. Whether it’s a comfy every day piece that you can romp around in or a slinkier number, one thing for sure is that it’s got to be versatile enough to last and something that you can personalize. Check out the pieces we’d love to wear all summer long.














May 6, 2015

Esther Loves You x Koshka Capsule Collection: #BTS

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estherlovesyou-intro estherlovesyou-intro-2

We’re super excited to finally be able to share with you guys our capsule collection that we collaborated with Esther Loves You.
 Known for her cute bunnies and even cuter illustrative babe-girls, we jumped on the chance to get to work with Esther.
Not only is she an amazing illustrator but she’s also super inspirational and down to earth to boot.
We thought we’d share with you guys a little behind the scenes on how we made the collection.




It all started with a sketches that Esther made.




The drawings were then digitized by the embroidery company that we worked with so that they could be stitched onto clothing.

 We made a few samples before we settled on what colors we liked best.


Once finalized we sent in our clothing and the embroideries were made on these bad boys that look like a weird

80s version of a slot machine.

photo 5

photo 2

photo 1

After our collection arrived we decided to shoot in the lobby of our beautiful HQ.
The tall windows and light were the perfect setting for collection which was full of minimal and light pieces.







We hope you guy’s love this collection as much as we do!

See the full lookbook here. And shop the pieces here.

March 26, 2015


We all have a go-to top (maybe more than a few?). It’s one that you can throw no matter how you’re feeling and always looks great because it’s effortless. You’ve had it through the years because it’s also timeless. Here’s an homage to that feeling and also a few cuts we’ve got our eyes on this season.









Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset




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February 23, 2015

Finding Balance: Interview with Artist Sera Lindsey aka Portablesera

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This month we’re putting a focus on health, fitness and to get insight on the different ways we achieve balance. We jumped at the chance  to interview one our favorite L.A. photographers, Sera Lindsey. Nature, everyday human objects and food are a main theme in her work. The aesthetic is vibrant, full of life and her presentation is visually inspiring. Here we a take a peek behind the brain that’s behind it all.

What is a routine that keeps you balanced and clear minded? 

S: Living in a city has always been a double edged sword for me. I love the vibrancy of what a city can offer, but also really need to get away from the noise on a regular basis. I get out of town as often as possible, even for a night if that’s all I can afford for a while. I breathe in all the clean air I can. I’ll take my camera and shoot, or not. It just depends on how I’m feeling and what calls to me. I also have been meditating for years, and that’s always been a helpful practice for my spirit. As for my body, it likes the occasional margarita and yoga. Not in that order.

image (3)

What is something that you’ve learned recently? (this can be anything and doesn’t have to be health related)

S: maintained an interest in elements and minerals for a long time, and I recently learned that the human body actually has trace amounts of gold used mostly for transmitting electrical signals. So cool! 

Also, after a year of living in my apartment I learned that there’s a washer and dryer, which really changed my life.

In what ways have you improved in the past few years in taking better care of yourself?

S: I’m only 28, so I’m not elderly or anything, but I think that there is an elegance to be found in aging which I’m beginning to experience for the first time ever. It seems some people are afraid of it, but I find it beautiful to have new parts of my development to nurture. I’m mindful about keeping limber and staying hydrated. I drink a lot of alkaline water at home. I think there’s also a tremendous difference in cooking your own food as opposed to buying it pre-made, so I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. All of this is pretty obvious, but sometimes it takes a lot of unknotting old habits to really understand what it means to take care of yourself. Not just have an idea of it. At the end of the day it’s about self awareness.

image (4)

Ft. The Fifth Label ‘Behind the Sun‘ Dress

In what ways do you think clothing positively and negatively affect your life? 

S: Clothing! Well, it kept cavemen warm. Since then it’s done much more in the world. Clothing can highlight a moment I want to remember. A beautiful dress, a pair of shoes, a scarf, hat, whatever. Style can make a person shapeshift. People take on the character they dress themselves as, for better or worse. They can empower someone externally to express who they are internally. As a kid, I always looked at someones shoes to tell what kind of person they were. I still do this now. I don’t own much clothing. I like to keep my style simple, elegant, minimal and striking because that’s what I wish to manifest internally. 

image (7)

 Ft. Just Female Brazil Coat / Hansel Basel ‘Peel‘ Crew

In what ways does living in L.A. contribute to your overall health? In what ways do you think it negatively contributes? 

S: I felt my healthiest last year when I spent a week in Sayulita Mexico. The ocean air and clean dirt that made up the place seemed to permeate into my being. Los Angeles does that too, only the air isn’t so fresh, and the dirt isn’t so clean. You know what I mean by clean dirt? 

I see the world as one big living organism with channels and nerve clusters. Cities are information deposits, beating quickly and frantically. As a blood cell, it would be difficult to slow down in a physical environment like this. Often I feel like one of those blood cells. In short, I don’t think it’s the healthiest place for a human body to live, but I do think the mind thrives. Living on the beach eating fresh tacos every day sounds like a dream but what about LACMA? Or the Arclight? A new collaboration with another creative? The weekly hellos at the Farmers Market? I like good coffee and a manicure just as much as a sweaty hike or living out of a backpack for a while. Los Angeles offers balance because it makes me leave, haha. And when I come back, there’s always something new to see. I don’t know if it’s my “forever,” but I’m very happy with it as my “for now.” 

Check out more of Sera’s work here.

And follow her on Instagram.




November 21, 2014

The New Rules of Layering

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As the days get colder, our winter philosophy is all about throwing your favorite things on top of your other favorite things. How do you know if you’re wearing enough layers? If you’re warm enough to step outside, then you’re golden. If not, pile on more and get inventive. Take advantage of shapes, colors, and textures. Mix things up and change the order.

See what we came up with below >>

Layered Inception


Wearing: Chunky Crop Knit Top / Suede Buckle Skirt / Navy Button Down Jumpsuit (coming soon)

Jumpsuits provide minimal effort, so why not throw another outfit on top? Pair a chunky crop top and a wrap skirt over and you got an outfit within an outfit.

Double Layered Jacket


Wearing: Oversized Blazer Jacket / Matte Clear Parka / Infinite Universe Tee (similar here) / Reality Studio Quilted Leggings

Take an oversized blazer and layer it on top of a jacket for a dual combo. Combining two different coats with contrasting colors and textures doubles the warmth and volume.

Color Combo


Wearing: Objects Without Meaning ‘Fumo’ Blazer / Fifth Label ‘Safe and Sound’ Shirt / Kele Galanthus Dress

Layer a dress on top of a dress. Pair two contrasting colors (make sure that one color pops) and throw them over another. We thew a shirtdress over another dress and buttoned the top so that the dress underneath is still visible.

Pattern Play


Metallic Floral Bomber / Ruffle Sleeve Grid Top / Sheer Midi Polka Dot Dress / Just Female ‘Any’ Pants

Pattern mixing is an interesting way to amplify an outfit. Here, we layered 3 different prints and kept things playful by mixing up textures.

Triple Knitting


Wearing: Knit High Waist Skirt / Something Else Shaggy Mesh Sweater / Shida Tatsuya Woolen Cape Coat 

Mix and match textures and keep colors neutral. The neutral palette is a fresh way to balance out the darker tones of winter. Piling on the knits adds a lot more drama and warmth, of course.

Shop Fall Layers

November 14, 2014

All In The Details

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In this week’s collection, we focus on different design elements. Pastel hues, oversized shapes, and subtle details are all things that cater to our winter needs >>

Lazy Oaf Blackintosh Parka

Untitled-Session0750 copy

Think BIG. The spotted sleeves on the jacket add a fun element to this oversized parka and it’s perfect for all the layering done underneath.

UNIF Strips Bomber Jacket

Untitled-Session1247 copy

The distressed strips on the sleeves give a destructed feel on the bomber jacket. Its oversize fit elevates the jacket so that it’s big on warmth.

Pastel Scuba Trench

Untitled-Session1243 copy

The pastel shade makes this trench an unexpected statement piece for winter.

Fil De Fer Cape

Untitled-Session1332 copy

The cape has a relaxed fit giving you extra room to move around. We love the shape of the sleeves and the lightness of the material, making it an easy piece to transition between seasons.

Shakuhachi ‘Work It’ Parka

shakuUntitled-Session1068 copy

The suede details and netted fabric give the parka a cool, constructed feel. The color makes it wearable and the perfect everyday jacket.


November 12, 2014


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There’s no better topper for winter than a good cold-weather staple. It’s our outerwear that’s the most valuable arsenal in our closet and the piece that keeps us covered no matter what the weather brings. Stay warm and opt for marshmellow puffer jackets, sleek trench coats, and heavy-duty parkas. Below we rounded up our favorite street snaps of the week >>

Vanessa Jackman













November 7, 2014

Androgynous Style Icons

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There are many celebrities who have reinvented themselves in ways that have pushed boundaries beyond the norm. Whether it’s adopting a new persona in the realm of art, theater, or music- these style icons continue to manipulate the visualization of gender. Scroll through our list of favorite icons (past & present) >>


Tilda Swinton- Tilda isn’t afraid to work a suit like a boss. And it’s clear that the statuesque model and actress has a penchant for architectural details and monochrome tailored suits.


Boy George- Boy George’s outlandish style pioneered androgyny in the 80′s by dressing in eclectic hats, waist coats, and billowy tees. Wearing bright facial make-up, winged eyeliner, and crimped hair tied with ribbons and rags reflected his flamboyant persona.


Iggy Pop- If there’s one person in Rock N’ Roll who can wear just about anything it’s Iggy Pop who once stated, I’m not ashamed to dress ‘like a woman’ because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.” 


Annie Lennox- Annie made an impression in the early 80′s by donning trouser suits and an orange buzz cut. The reason behind this Scottish-born singer’s hair do? “Appearance is just temporary and I wanted to be strong as a man.”


David Bowie- Bowie was a master at transforming himself to a million personas throughout his musical career. His most famous being Ziggy Stardust in all his flame-haired, glittering glory.


Prince- While he pushed musical boundaries during the 80′s, Prince expressed his style by mixing masculine with the feminine in an unprecedented way in brocade catsuits, frilly tops, cropped tees, bell bottoms, and fingerless gloves.


Grace Jones- Grace was intimidating and fierce. Her razor sharp features and even sharper style was the epitome of menswear chic. She’s inspired the likes of Andy Warhol and designers all over and influenced the underground New York scene in the 70′s and 80′s.


Katherine Hepburn- While feminine dressing was a more conservative way to emphasize a woman’s curves during the 30′s and 40′s, Katherine Hepburn’s sense of style was unconventional as she stuck with high-waisted slacks and button down shirts.


8Y2C4009__93873.1415128475.320.482 8Y2C4725__17867.1415128745.320.482 8Y2C5145__28928.1415128133.320.482

November 5, 2014

“Menswear” // “Womenswear”

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This week’s collection features pieces that we traditionally call menswear. But, what exactly is menswear and what does this word mean? Is it purely to accentuate the physiological aspects of both sexes? And how does masculinity and femininity come into play? Why do we associate certain aesthetics to a gender?

Whether you call something menswear or womenswear,  it’s important to understand the reasons behind doing these things. Whether you are a man or woman, rock the three piece suit or floor length sequin dress and walk with swagger. Play, mix-up and challenge these associations because it’s fun, but do it intentionally. Know that the real strength is not in your convincing affiliation with being a man or a woman, masculine or feminine — whatever that means — but in your being.



Pinstripe Tailored Jumpsuit —  The pinstripes and color are typically what would be associated with menswear because of its darker color and the rigidness of the vertical lines. The subtle tailoring of the jumpsuit is what makes it feminine. It’s the balanced aspects of these dualities that makes you feel sexy.


Leather Moto Vest — The structure of the vest is great and we love how it’s not tailored to fit a certain body type. The silhouette is linear. You feel protected when you’re wearing this piece because of the weight and texture of the fabric– in this way you feel strong.


Tuxedo Woven Overall Jumper — This is another piece that plays with the balance of menswear/womenswear. The high waist and cut of the pant elongates you in a really elegant way. The thinness of the shoulder straps gives this piece a delicate feeling.


Felted Dark Wool Coat — The most gender neutral piece in the collection. The coat is boxy without being structured or synched. The length and mass of the coat is dramatic. It is only normalized by the color and stands out in a subtle way.



October 30, 2014

Koshka Halloween

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Halloween is upon us and the Koshka team put together a few costume inspirations from Edward Scissorhands to Cruella De Ville.

See what we came up with below! >>

Suzy Bishop (Moonrise Kingdom)


Patricia is wearing our Pink Collared Open Back Top / Pink Tux Flared Skirt / Cheap Monday Pony Oxford Flatforms

  Edward Scissorhands


Jed is wearing our Fil De Fer Bib Top / Faux Leather Overalls

Cruella De Ville


Teresa is wearing our Speckled Oversized Jacket / Pinstripe Jumpsuit (coming soon) / Just Female Houndstooth Coat (coming soon)



Joanne is wearing our Black Rib Knit Crop Top / Daydream Nation Clown Floral Skirt

Happy Halloween!

October 23, 2014

STYLE MUSE: Yves Saint Laurent

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This week, we’re groovin’ back to the Seventies. A time when fashion was all about experimentation and freedom of expression. No one other than Yves Saint Laurent portrayed those things, whose tailored style and classic square framed glasses, was a fixture in the fashion world. Being one of the most illustrious designers and fashion pioneers, his personal style of smart pantsuits, tuxedo looks, and tailored outfits echoed into his countless collections that revolutionized the way women dressed.

Scroll through as we look back at our favorite YSL moments… >>









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  8Y2C5895__52820.1413915845.320.482 JAKCET8Y2C4641__06743.1413915668.320.482 SUNGLASSE8Y2C4865__96529.1413915736.320.482TOP8Y2C4503__82817.1413915347.320.482 8Y2C5843_bracelet__16156.1413915226.320.482

October 17, 2014

A Tee 4 Ways

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A shirt can be an incredible staple and a formidable tool to have. Besides being a classic piece, there are endless ways to get creative to make incredible looks. Here are four ideas you can try, featuring our Lazy Oaf ‘Scribble’ Tee.


Look 1: The Infinity Sleeve Wrap Dress Using two shirts that are identical or similar, start by wearing the first shirt as you normally would. Take the second shirt and wrap the collared area around your waist and fasten the buttons haphazardly so that one size drapes longer than the other. You can then either tie the sleeves around your waist or you can stick your hands into the sleeves like we did to create an infinity sleeve.


Look 2: Harem Skirt Pant Start by putting your legs through the sleeves of a shirt that is 1-2 sizes bigger than your normal size. Make sure buttons are facing front as you do this. Next take the collared part of the shirt and bring it up to your waist and fasten the buttons. It should be tight enough but still loose enough to sit at your lower waist. This creates a skirted panel much like a harem pant. You can also try wearing this as a skirt and wrapping the arms around your waist instead.


Look 3: The Layered Trench Taking two identical shirts, button the left hand side of one shirt into the right hand side of the other shirt. This will look like one massive shirt. Put your arms through the very outer sleeves.  This look is incredibly easy to make and the asymmetrically of the shirts is really interesting when draped over the body!


Look 4: Harem Skirt Jumper Following the instructions of the Harem Skirt Jumper (look #2) and throw on a shirt with a matching print or color to create a unified jumper look. Using shirts that are a few sizes bigger than you would usually take will give you a relaxed fit and look.


S H O P   S H I R T S

IMG_7755_print_shirt__64679.1410101677.400.600 IMG_3537_jeansshirt__61649.1410104164.400.600 8Y2C4247_dress__56858.1413316616.400.600

October 17, 2014

STYLE MUSE: Le Femme Nikita (1990)

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Le Femme Nikita is one of the earliest film’s by French director Luc Besson (Leon, the Professional & Fifth Element) whose known for his ultra-stylish and visually mind-boggling sci-fi films. The film is based on Anne Parillaud’s character, Nikita (named after an Elton John song) who plays a stylishly bad ass top secret spy.

Nikita’s transformation from a quirky, bad girl, drug addicted street punk to a sleek ladylike assassin takes us on an epic fashion thriller. Enter her punky print oversized button downs, cut out wide brimmed hats, a slinky little black dress, and boxy structured coats; all of which were easily effortless without thinking and could not pose a threat to society like her character. Scroll through as we look back on some of Le Femme Nikita’s stylish moments…











8Y2C4247_dress__56858.1413316616.221.332 8Y2C4361_coat__71888.1413320286.221.332 8Y2C5829_sunglasses__91844.1413316433.221.332

October 14, 2014


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In our Fall/Winter lookbook we’re keeping warm with oversized pieces and playing with pairing loose silhouettes with equal proportions from head to toe. Accessories are minimal, toned down and sleek.




















pant8Y2C3593__57005.1410891964.400.600 top8Y2C3826__84433.1412709882.400.600 top8Y2C3912__67107.1412710031.1280.1280 jacket8Y2C5324__42666.1411495882.1280.1280

October 9, 2014


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This week, we rounded up our favorite knit-wrapped looks for the season. As temps begin to drop, there are plenty of reasons to bring out those trusty knits for the big chill. From nubby knits to fleeced jumpers and beyond, toss it over any outfit and you instantly have a look that’s easily effortless and ultimately cozy altogether. Scroll on… >>














S H O P  K N I T W E A R  E S S E N T I A L S 

 top8Y2C3826__84433.1412709882.221.332 top8Y2C3881__28522.1412710030.221.332 top8Y2C4085__34369.1412710160.221.332

September 18, 2014

All in the Details: Subtle Shifts

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We appreciate the smallest of details and believe these subtleties are the things that bring your daily ensembles to the next level. Asymmetrical cuts, a slight dip of a hem or a fresh pop of color are all small things that will do heavy lifting with your everyday go-to pieces.

The Fifth Label ‘Safe and Sound’ Shirt Dress

8Y2C3549_blackshirt_uc copy

The slight dip and hemline of the dress is what makes this dress cool and slightly sporty.

We dig the boxy fit and tomboy-ness of it.

‘Stevie’ Dress

8Y2C3652_whitedress copy

What’s sweet about this dress is that not only does it remind us of Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac, anyone?) but the asymmetrical cut and fringe is what gives the piece movement all around.

Teal High Waist Pant

pant8Y2C3562 copy

These teal lightweight trousers have a relaxed silhouette that is cozy and looks as easy-going as it feels.

Tomato Cropped Knit Sweater Skirt


What we love most about this knit combo is it’s bright red tomato hue that matches perfectly with neutral colors for fall. Layer separately or go all in for a monochromatic look.

S  H  O  P  ‘C  L  E  A  N   A  E  S  T  H  E  T  I  C  S ‘  A  T   K  O  S  H  K  A  !

September 11, 2014

STYLE MUSE: Francoise Hardy

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French musician and model Francoise Hardy epitomized Parisian chic in the Sixties. Her minimal approach in style embraced an effortlessly sweet girl-next-door vibe that matched her shy personality. Yet still, no matter where she was vacationing to or lounging around in, Francoise always kept it simple and never overdone in classic miniskirts, easy babydoll dresses, and slim fitting trousers that paired perfectly with her signature long locks and pouty lips. Continue on and peep our favorite style moments >>














S  H  O  P  ‘  R  E  S  O  R  T  ‘  A  T  K  O  S  H  K  A  !

IMG_1493_pinkdress__93416.1410286774.221.332 IMG_1670__27050.1410288496.221.332 IMG_1745__72615.1410288260.221.332

September 5, 2014


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As we ease into the fall season, we’re opting for moodier palettes and dark florals that have blossomed in a much less romantic way. Think dramatic green tones and prints reminiscent of stone and marble textures.

Stroll through our street style picks and get inspired >>







0169b5edad2b423a1ed9f856eb2a09b4   fa8db3b9c8abd24bbd58167949f850ac






S  H  O  P  ‘  T  O  P  I  A  R  Y   G  A  R  D  E  N  ‘   A   T   K  O  S  H  K  A  !

DRESSIMG_1208__01011.1409684129.221.332 JACKETIMG_1272_2__25983.1409690021.221.332 TOPIMG_1339__51464.1409684050.221.332

August 29, 2014


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This week we journey on into the wonders of the desert. Think earthy tones & textured details that include tasseled embellishments and shaggy fringe that burst with an edge. There’s no de-nile that you’ll be a walking modern day goddess. Get inspired with this week’s street snaps…>>















S  H  O  P   D  E  S  E  R  T    V  O  Y  A  G  E  R   A  T    K  O  S  H  K  A  !

IMG_1435_knitcardigancoat__92018.1409080124.221.332 IMG_1411_necklace__29490.1409088049.221.332 IMG_2450_necklace__15317.1409080525.221.332

August 14, 2014


By in

Hey Teresa! Describe the look that you are wearing. 

Hey! I’ve got on the High Waist Faux Leather Skort paired with this awesome Egyptian inspired tee & necklace (coming to the shop soon!)

What do you love about this look?

I like the proportion of the skort and how big the pleats are. Also, I can’t stop wearing this Egyptian print tee from Infinite Universe, it’s so light and comfortable.

What was your inspiration in putting this outfit together?

I’ve been feeling kind of spiritual lately and this is kind of like a reflection of the mind vacation that I’m taking. There’s a lot of symbolism in the print and necklace.

The weekend is upon us. Where would you wear this to?

Just hanging out with my friends wherever we end up. It’s an outfit for serendipitous events.

August 7, 2014


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It may still be hot as hell outside, but it’s that time to start thinking which fall essentials to stock up on once it starts to cool down. Think: knits with meshed hems, oversized fuzzy coats, classic prints (plaid is here to stay!), and chunky textures that’s summed up with a 90′s twist. So take note & hop on board with some fall inspiration from our favorite street pics of the week! >>














S   H   O   P    ‘   N   E   W     S    C    H    O    O   L  ‘   A   T    K    O    S    H    K    A   !

IMG_0792_checkereddress__83507.1407350177.221.332 IMG_0917_rufflecoat__64517.1407349928.221.332 IMG_0975_knitgraytop__74490.1407349790.221.332

July 31, 2014

Streetstyle: Blue Crush

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We all can feel a little blue sometimes. But this is no-down-in-the-dumps kind of course. Blue is having a moment and it might be the ticket to elevating our outfit game. Scroll through for  some street style ideas & see why we’re having the blues… >>












London-Fashion-Week-Street-Style (11)






S   H   O   P  ‘ M   O   O   D   Y    B   L   U   E   S   ‘  A   T    K   O   S   H   K   A   !

IMG_1817_bluedress__81083.1406661167.221.332 IMG_1845_blackshoes__29304.1406660956.221.332 IMG_2314_bluedress__21781.1406661439.221.332

July 24, 2014

Style Muse: Chloe Sevigny

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There’s no doubt we love Chloe Sevigny for many reasons and that’s her total fearlessness in fashion. As a model-turned-actress-turned-fashion designer, Chloe’s sweet downtown style is admirably quirky & cool in a playful way.  Continue on for more photos & join in on our favorite Chloe fashion moments…>>



















S   H   O   P    ‘  S  W   E   E   T  /  /   C   H   I   C  ‘    A    T    K   O   S   H   K   A  !

IMG_1219_pinkskirt__73553.1405978941.221.332 IMG_2696_purplebag__32049.1405979154.221.332 IMG_2051_flowerpiece__41713.1405979671.221.332

July 20, 2014

Statement Separates: Style Edition

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This week at Koshka, we guide you on how to mix & match your favorite staples that you can re-wear with flair. It’s all about that one versatile piece that’s still awesomely cool yet reliable and to still make you standout! So below, we styled together 6 fresh outfits to lock down your look >>


(From L to R)

Outfit 1: Sport Cold Shoulder Dress / Le Specs x Craig & Karl Houdini Sunnies / Y.E.S. Pyrite Flats

 Outfit 2: Sport Cold Shoulder Dress / Shakuhachi Tie Dye Cap / Just Female ‘Stroke’ Jeans / Sol Sana ‘Ayden’ Sandal

Outfit 3: Sheer Midi Polka Dot Dress / Just Female Line Denim Dress / B. Zippy & Co Necklace

Outfit 4: Sheer Midi Polka Dot Dress / Stripe Woven Crop / UNIF Percy Dress (Skirt) / Spitfire ‘Le Disko’ Sunnies

Outfit 5: Motel ‘Maison’ Trousers / Just Female Kimono / Sol Sana Tally Heels / Studded Fan Clutch

Outfit 6: Motel ‘Maison’ Trousers / Motel ‘Josie’ Crop / UNIF Body Sheer Dress / Sol Sana Tally Heels / Cheap Monday Money Bag

S  H  O  P  ’  S  T  A  T  E  M  E  N  T    S  T  A  P  L  E  S ‘   A  T   K  O  S  H  K  A  !



July 16, 2014


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For everyday dressing, we admit- we rely on a few staple pieces to do all the work. Which is why having a good arsenal of statement staples in your wardrobe is essential for all its endless sartorial possibilities. Need a little inspiration? Continue on for ideas from our favorite fashionistas on how to keep your favorite statements on heavy rotation >>















Paris Fashion Week 2012, Isabel Marant, anne Catherine Frey




S  H  O  P  ‘  S  T  A  T  E  M  E  N  T    S  T  A  P  L  E  S ‘   A  T   K  O  S  H  K  A !

 IMG_1151_checkeredpants__24723.1405449001.221.332 IMG_1960_blackdress__80845.1405449909.221.332 IMG_2106_whitedress__29525.1405450405.221.332

July 9, 2014


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It’s not like we don’t own pink or that we’re allergic to florals, but we never really grew out of our elementary-school tomboy phase either. And while dresses & skirts are nice, we’re still obsessed over boyish separates like slouchy bermuda shorts, sleek denim overalls, & boxy tees that are easy to mix up with! Scroll on for some tomboy looks we can’t get enough of >>

















S H O P  ‘ G I R L  M E E T S  B O Y  ‘ A T  K O S H K A  !

IMG_1354_whiteshorts__58004.1404843707.221.332 IMG_1476_jeans__10764.1404843623.221.332 IMG_1540_stripeshirt__12226.1404843480.221.332

July 3, 2014


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The seventies was a decade full of style & glamour with the women who defined it. From lounging around in vibrant florals & swingy dresses to boogieing down in lux jumpsuits & drippy jewelry, nothing encapsulated the ’70s than the carefree women who remind us to be bold in our own way. Scroll on & take a fashion trip down memory lane  >>









Faye Dunaway 5376185332







S H O P  ‘ T I K I  L O U N G E  ‘  A T  K O S H K A !

IMG_1751_knitsweaterdress__58432.1404239646.221.332 IMG_0049_colorcheckshirt__22944.1352842953.221.332 IMG_1865_floweronepiece__73781.1404239601.221.332

June 25, 2014


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There’s no better way to show off your playful side when it comes to looking charming & unconventionally sweet. From bubblegum pink, abstract prints & holographic details for some high shine- mixing it up is the perfect way to be flirty & bold. We rounded up our favorite streetstyle picks that are fun & quirky all over. Scroll on! >>











NYFW MBFW Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week The Brunette One Street Style SS 2014 Lincoln Center 20



S  H  O  P   ‘ P  L  A  Y  D  A  T  E ‘   A  T    K  O  S  H  K  A  !

IMG_0998_dress__84129.1403638071.221.332 IMG_1087_skirt__26316.1375298034.221.332 IMG_2705_handbag__57385.1403638275.221.332

June 20, 2014

Beach Bum 2.0

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When we reach the beach, all we want to do is get in our bathing suits and let the sun, sand, & waves do the rest. And though being a beach bum means keeping it casual & effortless, that doesn’t mean you can’t elevate your daily look to the shore.  So we put together 3 outfits on how to make waves in the sun all while looking chic & fun. Scroll on! >>


Lazy Oaf Rodeo Rose Shorts/ Motel Flux Bikini/ UNIF Mesh Overlay/ Sol Sana Ayden Sandals / Straw Hat

It’s all about shapes & textures here! Layer on a cute mesh top and cute denim cut offs to keep it light & still feel breezy.


`Cheap Monday Money Keeper / Spitfire Aglos Sunnies / JUJU Jellies / Motel Sky Bikini / Devon Pavlovits Disc NecklaceLenni XX Tie Dye Dress

Who says we can’t get a little moody? Play with different patterns and shades. Jelly sandals are perfect for the water & a money purse is perfect for all your tiny essentials.


Spitfire Protopunk Sunnies / Satsuki Shibuya UNITE Necklace / Sol Sana Ayden Sandals / Motel Flux (Top) / Motel Bikini Sky (Bottoms) / Just Female Brazil Kimono

Mix & match! Let your suit do the work. Throw on a bold colored kimono & statement necklace and you’ll be making major waves wherever you go.

June 5, 2014


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Oh, glorious warm-weather. There’s no denying that we’ve caught a little tropic fever. Whether you’re off on a summer vacation or in town on a stay-cation, opt for neon-bright patterned crops, island-inspired prints, & punchy fruit sets. Scroll on & see more ideas below! >>









Miroslava Duma








 S  H  O  P   ‘  T  R  O  P  I  C  A  L ‘  A  T    K  O  S  H  K  A

bottomandtopIMG_6156_pineappleset__51781.1401819823.221.332 shoesIMG_6303_shoes__32500.1401820017.221.332 topIMG_6193_boomshakatop__28965.1401819679.221.332

May 30, 2014

Style Muse: Jane Birkin

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Jane Birkin was a free-spirited kitten of the sixties, who was well-known for her acting & singing just as much as her fashion sense. Her effortlessly laid-back Parisian style reminds us that lazy summer days are perfect for lounging around in midriff skimming tees, easy mini dresses and minimal accessories that add just a bit of detail. Scroll on for our favorite Birkin summer outfits >>



!JASE S153-C



JANE BIRKIN, 1969 : (Photo:Rex Features/AFLO) [2337]










00/00/1974 : Jane Birkin



S H O P    ’ Q U I N T E S S E N T I A L   S U M M E R ‘   A T   K O S H K A

IMG_7129_blouse__73099.1401220470.221.332  IMG_7235_ring__94160.1401220212.221.332 IMG_7211_flowertop__20967.1401220351.221.332

May 22, 2014

Streetstyle: MELT DOWN

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Nothing is quite as good as indulging in your stylish sweet tooth. As the days are getting sunnier, sometimes you just need to cool off! Try refreshing your wardrobe with milky colored hues & bold fruit patterns for a more playful vibe this season. Soft pinks, french vanilla whites, or bright peach are perfect to brighten up your style game. Scroll on for ways on how to whip it up & show off your sweet side.


















S   H   O   P      I   C   E     C   R  E  A  M    S  U  N  D  A  E     A   T     K   O   S   H   K   A  

IMG_6954_skirt__74786.1400611663.221.332 IMG_6227_greensock__59709.1400610246.221.332  IMG_7078_strawberryskirt__72535.1400611451.221.332

May 15, 2014

Streetstyle: Bottoms Up

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This week bold pants with unique silhouettes and prints are on our radar. With summer coming into full swing — there’s no better way to celebrate than to mix a pair into your wardrobe. Surprisingly versatile — you can keep other elements in your outfit minimal or go all out with print on print. With a good cut and/or pattern anything goes…

Paris Fashion Week 2012, Dries van Noten
















Print Flare Trousers With A Classic Twist 1




S H O P   S T A T E M E N T   B O T T O M S

IMG_3827_fuzzysweater__33514.1381257337.221.332 _CAM0423_patternpants__29873.1396982292.221.332 IMG_6044_bluestripepant__31266.1384895125.221.332

May 14, 2014

Style Muse: Bianca Jagger

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There’s no question that model & actress Bianca Jagger was the eye of 70′s glamour. Often opting for cooler-than-cool tailored trousers, glittering sequins & lux statements, Bianca always knew how to be seen no matter where she was going. Nothing was off limits for this fashion risk taker who demonstrates that her ultra chic take on everyday style is something we can hop on board with. Scroll on and see our favorite Bianca style moments >>










Bianca & Jade Jagger







Bianca Jagger at Elaine's

S  H  O  P    F  O  R  M  A  L    A  F  F  A  I  R    A  T   K  O S  H  K  A

IMG_7673_zebrapants_uc IMG_7501_blackdress IMG_7614_blackpants

May 8, 2014

Style Muse: Suki Waterhouse

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Brit model Suki Waterhouse is our current style obsession. There’s a level of fun and versatility in her every day dressing. Whether she’s catching a flight, attending a gala or running around London with her friends, she knows how to dress up while keeping her overall look casual and effortless. Scroll on for more inspiration…









Suki Waterhouse stylish burberry coat  Heathrow suitcases


NME Awards, Brixton Academy, London, Britain - 29 Feb 2012




S H O P  ‘ D R E S S E D  D O W N ‘  T H E M E

May 7, 2014

Street Style: No Stress Dress

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This week we’re all about taking dress wear and making it totally effortless. It’s about throwing casual elements into the mix in an easy, no stress way. Take a note from our top picks this week from the streets.


A trench is a cool way to downplay a bold, dressy one piece.


Fun socks, layering and athletic sneakers are a great way mix up a sweet dress.


Don’t be afraid to be matchy. Go head to toe in your favorite print and keep it simple with the rest of your accessories.


Look deceptively dressed up by keeping it sleek and black. Elevate with leather details.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 7.51.52 PM

Dressy shoes don’t always have to be heels. You can look just as put together in dapper flats.


Or your favorite everyday footwear.








S  H  O  P    D  R  E  S  S    D  O  W  N    A  T   K  O  S  H  K  A

    IMG_6505_cuteblackdress IMG_6425_whitedress cheap

May 1, 2014

Street Style: How Bazaar

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This week at Koshka, we’re trailing you off to a desert wanderlust filled with mosaic-inspired prints & vibrant colors. For a daily look with a modern edge, try bright embellished Moroccan motifs, rich embroidery & eye popping color palettes that will blend well to any big city wardrobe.

Continue for ways on how to keep it bazaar













S  H O P   B A Z A A R   B A B E   A T   K O S H K A


April 23, 2014

Do Over: Mix it Up

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There’s nothing we love more than rocking a good set. But why not break the rules & switch it up a little?  We show you a mix of styling ideas on how versatile each piece is within each set. Ready, SET, go!

S T R I P E D   W O V E N   C R O P   T O P   A N D   S K I R T

berit(L to R): Shakuhachi Tie Dye Cap / Something Else Tab Pant / Fil De Fer Bib Front Top / Hansel from Basel ‘Ink Blossom’ Sock 

P I C N I C  C H E C K E R E D   T O P LOOK1-1(L to R): Mink Pink Preem PU Skirt/ Side Lace-Up Shorts /  Heartthrob Jumper / TBA ‘Calico’

P I C N I C   C H E C K E R E D   S H O R T S look2  Printed Flounce Button Down / Lazy Oaf Live Fast Tee / Just Female Isak Denim Jacket / Stylestalker ‘Taller’ Tee 

H A R L Y N   P E G   L E G   F O L D  O V E R   T R O U S E R S  look3 Leather Moto Vest / Lovers + Friends Merci Top / Just Female Boss Earcuffs / Tan Ribbed Crop Tank

H A R L Y N   B L O C K E D   C O L L A R E D   F L A M I N G O   B L O U S E

Croc Wrap Skirt / Quay Charlie Sunnies / TBA Sleigh Heels / Somedays Lovin’ Campfire Overall Dress 

S H O P   S E T S    A T    K O S H K A

April 18, 2014

STREETSTYLE: Pretty Unconventional

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This week at Koshka, we’re all about looking pretty in an unconventional way. Think pinky hues with interesting textures, pattern mixing, & taking an ordinary piece and styling it with funky accessories. Scroll on for more style snaps of girls who take pretty to the next level…


Valentina Siragusa at Issey Miyake











S    H    O    P     O   H      S    O     P   R   E   T   T   Y     A    T     K    O    S    H    K    A

_CAM0474_redsummerpiece_uc _CAM1165_pingbag_CAM0508_blackshorts_uc

April 3, 2014


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This week at Koshka, we’re all about getting cute. Fei Fei Sun has been on our radar for awhile now as she consistently serves it up on the streets with one adorable outfit after another. There’s an effortlessness in her pairings and how she rocks unconventional pieces with ease. She also understands the importance of the singular statement piece and builds her outfits around them. With so many style skills to aspire to, we invite you to scroll on >>



fei fei sun


fei fei sun

fei fei sun

fei fei sun

fei fei sun



fei fei sun


fei fei sun


fei fei sun

S H O P   ‘K E E P   I T  C U T E’  AT  K O S H K A

_CAM0595_pinkhotpants__23060.1396377140.221.332 _CAM0637_bluedress__49656.1396377177.221.332_CAM0743_flowerskirt__32221.1396377002.221.332


March 20, 2014


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Check out model, Shane Seng blossom in this amazing editorial shot by photographer Derek Wood, styled by our friend Kristy Benjamin & featuring wardrobe by yours truly! See it all on FLUR MAGAZINE here.







MAKE UP: Madeline North

MODEL: Shane Seng

STYLING: Kristy Benjamin

March 20, 2014

Style Muse: Kiko Mizuhara

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We’re quite obsessed with Japanese model & muse Kiko Mizuhara, who demonstrates that keeping it chic & fun is the right kind of attitude for everyday style. With her classic bob, doll face & light take on minimal style, she’s a breathe of fresh air. Check out some of our favorite Kiko style moments below…



kiko mizuhara plain outfit













S H O P   L  I  G  H  T  &  A  I  R  Y   A T   K O S H K A 

March 7, 2014

MIX N’ MATCH: Just Female Capsule Wardrobe

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Here at Koshka, we’ve been crushing pretty hard on the newest label to arrive at the HQ, Just Female. The fact that each of us owns more than a few pieces from their Spring collection is saying a lot. Each piece is laid back, understated and oozes cool. Add that the entire collection is also super easy to throw together and well, now you can understand our obsession. Here, Joanne takes the following 5 pieces and styles them together 9 ways.

1.  Just Female ‘Isak’ Denim Jacket / 2.  Just Female ‘Brazil’ Kimono / 3. Just Female ‘Egypt’ Tee
4. Just Female ‘Anton’ Jumpsuit / 5.  Just Female ‘Stroke’ Jeans


OUTFIT 1: Isak Denim Jacket + Egypt Tee + Stroke Jeans + Leather Cap OUTFIT 2: Brazil Kimono + Anton Jumpsuit + Statement Necklace OUTFIT 3: Isak Denim Jacket + Anton Jumpsuit + Tshirt OUTFIT 4: Brazil Kimono + Stroke Jeans + Crop Top OUTFIT 5: Egypt Tee in all it’s glory + Beanie  OUTFIT 6: Brazil Kimono + Egypt Tee + Studded Collar OUTFIT 7: Anton Jumpsuit + White Button Down OUTFIT 8: Isak Denim Jacket + Egypt Tee + Necklace OUTFIT 9: Stroke Jeans + Knit Top

S H O P   J U S T   F E M A L E 

February 12, 2014

Streetstyle: Cute & Dressy

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Putting a polished look together often times is pushed in the direction of being sexy. Although we’re all for showing skin and looking devilish, there’s something incredibly charming about adding an element of fun when dressing up and letting that be the focus. We’re taking a note from these sweet gals as they show us different ways we can infuse a little  je ne sais quoi  into our outfits.











Shop Cute & Dressy at KOSHKA

IMG_0108_blackonepiece__83585.1392147747.221.332.jpg.html IMG_0379_cutecatsweater__46867.1392147808.221.332.jpg.html IMG_0876_cutecatring__46515.1392147594.221.332.jpg.html

February 10, 2014

Streetstyle: NYFW Fall ’14

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It’s that time of the year. We’re midway through NYFW and between all the snow & rain going on, nothing is stopping show-goers from giving us a sartorial treat. While some weren’t even bent on the weather, there was definitely plenty of neon bright coats, layered details, lust-worthy accessories and bare legs to go around. Now scroll on & soak in some street-style snaps that took the NYC streets by storm!


The perfect combo = sneakers & an oversized fur coat


Looking cool in neon colors and a mini skirt.


 Geometric clutches perfect for holding your main essentials.


A sleek jumpsuit layered with plaid heels & houndtooth coat.


Beret hats and mirrored earrings.


Keep it interesting by wearing a sheer dress under a sweater and pants.


Models off duty layering up.


Military inspired coats and leather slip ons.


Sleek hair and heart chokers.


Printed ponchos and coats.


Sky-high platforms to glide through the ice.


Graphics and sequins all over.

February 1, 2014

Style Muse: Solange Knowles

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The genius of Solange’s style is her ability to mix a good print and rock a great set. So let’s admit it, Solange is a master in putting together the coolest outfits. And, what we love most about her is her fresh take on picnic-ready patterns, bold printed ensembles, in-your-face-color, and keeping it au natural. So scroll through and peep our favorite Solange style moments…











Shop American Pie at Koshka

IMG_9580_shirt IMG_9496_bottom IMG_9528_skirts_uc

January 17, 2014

Style Muse: Elle Fanning

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If there’s one thing we love about Elle Fanning, it’s her adorable mix of quirky outfits when she’s not busy on set. Taking note of Elle’s off-duty looks is her penchant for playful prints, baby-doll dresses, and super relaxed pieces which reminds us that Sunday style is all about winding down yet still looking your best. It’s no wonder that she’s carved out a following of fans and designers alike (can you say Marc Jacobs?). Scroll on & check out some of our favorite Elle snaps of the moment…









elle 8



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IMG_0503_dress IMG_0638_blueskirt IMG_9828_cardigan

January 15, 2014

Street Style: Sunday Best

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Sunday is more than a day of the week, it’s a state of mind. The excitement of the weekend has come and gone and the craziness of the work week has yet to begin. Sunday is no frills. Sunday should be the easiest day of the week. That’s why naturally, Sunday style is all about being effortless and relaxed with a hint of vintage nostalgia to restore and reset ourselves. Continue on for some of our favorite street style ideas on how to put together your Sunday best.

Vintage Inspired Floral Print Dresses

vintage floral print jumpsuit

vintage floral dress

Try our Love Zooey Blue Floral Stripe Dress.

love zooet blue floral stripe dress

Romantic Maxi Skirts

floral maxi skirt

floral maxi

Try our Something Else ‘Metamorphosis’ Maxi Skirt.

something else metamorphosis skirt

Comfortable Shaggy Cardigan


Try our Loop Knit Cardigan.

loop knit cardigan

Shop Sunday’s Best at KOSHKA

tba sleigh triangle ring

January 8, 2014

Babe in Black

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If color is not your thing, wearing all black is kind of a genius way to get noticed. Why not amp its cool factor by throwing on a staple piece? Try an oversized knit, a good ‘ol high-slit leather skirt, or a witty graphic tee — play with different prints and textures to really make it your own. So scroll on for some quick inspiration how to keep an all-black ensemble anything but boring…





Kim Ackermann


Shop Babe in Black at Koshka


December 4, 2013

Bundle Up Chic Essentials

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When dressing up for the cold, of course function comes first but that doesn’t mean fashion has to be left to the side of the road. We rounded up our top 5 winter essentials that will keep you warm and cozy but still looking cool as ice…

1) The Oversized Parka: Get one that’s large, hooded and lined with something nice and warm.

knee socks 3

Try our Lazy Oaf ‘No Parking’ Parka Coat

lazy oaf no parking parka

2) Circle Scarf: Isn’t it a drag when your regular scarf comes undone causing you to have to flip the ends over your shoulder again and again? Well if you know what we’re talking about then you’ll appreciate the circle or infinity scarf.

3) Knee High Socks: We need them because they make it possible to show some leg when it’s chilly out.

knee socks

Try our BW Zig Zag Circle Scarf

bw zig zag scarf

…And our Lazy Oaf  ‘Cat Nip’ Knee Socks.

lazy oaf cat socks

4) The Knit Sweater: Keep your outfit from hitting frumpy territory by choosing knits that fit more closely or going with a cropped silhouette.


cropped knit

 Try our Black Ribbed Knit Crop Top

cropped black knit

…Or our Round Neck Knit.

round neck knit 2

The Patterned Dress Sock: If you find yourself on the fence about the whole mixing patterns thing, sporting the patterned sock is a low risk way to test the waters. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a good pair of socks?


Try our Ayame Diamond Print Socks.IMG_7151_socks


Shop Bundle Up Chic at KOSHKA.

mkyoko moss knittricolor scarfoversized houndstooth coat

November 28, 2013

Comfort Finds

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It’s the morning after Thanksgiving dinner which means Holiday shopping season is now on. However, if you’re like us, and still have a deal to pick with last night’s leftovers, just sit back, relax, and enjoy Black Friday from the comfort of your couch. Oh, and if a deal is what you’re looking for, look no further than our very own SALE section to nab some comfy chic finds and an EXTRA 25% OFF (code: BFRIDAY25) all weekend. See below for a selection of our favorite picks, then check out the SALE to see what’s good.



November 27, 2013

Unconventional Dressy

Between all the holiday parties this season, sometimes you just want to mix it up and take your outfit beyond the little black dress (although we always love a good one). Read on below for some ideas on how to show up unexpectedly in the chicest way possible.

The Silver Dress: Silver is not only the name of a precious metal, but also the color of that piece of foil you just wrapped your leftovers in. We love it because it’s high shine and high class, but more down to earth than its glamorous counterpart, gold.





Try our Cheap Monday ‘Nadia’ Dress.


Fancy Pants: Embellished or tailored pants are a key ingredient to assembling an evening ensemble with a tomboy twist. We love wearing them with a cropped blazer to show off every leggy detail.

embellished pants

fancy pants

2012 People's Choice Awards - Arrivals

Try our Black Embroidered Pants.


Embellished Jacket: Sometimes you’ll step into a room and find the host doesn’t like to turn the heater up very high or maybe you just get cold easily. In such thermal instances, you’ll want a dressy jacket that doesn’t need to be checked at the door. We like ones featuring this season’s embellishments trend.

Marie+Piovesan+by+Sebastian+Kim embroidered-jacket


Try our Zip Jacket with Embellished Sleeves.


November 7, 2013

3-Day Uniform Challenge: Faux Leather Overalls

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In the spirit of this week’s concept of having an everyday uniform, I thought it’d be fun to lock my own look down with one of my favorite new arrivals, our Faux Leather Overalls! The challenge: Wear them to the office for 3 consecutive days but with different tops, shoes and accessories to keep my outfits fresh and blog-worthy. Continue reading to see the results!

joanne outfit 1

Day 1: For the first day, I tried to keep it clean and simple with a basic button shirt and patent loafers. It’s the perfect business casual look that still allows my individuality to shine through.

Get the look: Faux Leather Overalls / Nicholson and Nicholson Button Down Shirt / Shakuhachi Patent Loafers

joanne outfit 2

Day 2: Tuesdays are usually my busiest days so I wanted an outfit I could run, kick and jump in. Wearing the overalls over our Lazy Oaf ‘Take It To The Max’ Dress and white Converses made for the perfect sporty gal look.

Get the look: Faux Leather Overalls / Lazy Oaf ‘Take It To The Max’ Dress

joanne outfit 3

Day 3: Wednesday I had to go straight to an event after work so I decided to go for a dressier look. Leather always makes things more glam so all I had to do here was throw on a cute top, a pair of heeled ankle boots, and a stand out bag. Voilà! Instant day to night appeal with this one.

Get the look: Faux Leather Overalls / Mink Pink ‘Hedonist’ Crop Top / Cheap Monday Layer Hide Boots / Matahari x Lovemade Heart Bag

Are you ready for the challenge? Share your looks with us on Instagram by tagging your photos with #shopkoshka!

November 6, 2013


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Developing a uniform means looking chic 24/7 while barely having to lift a finger. It’s a bit about honing one’s signature style, a bit about being lazy that day, a bit about being economical with your time and money. To nail your uniform requires having an arsenal of versatile statement pieces in your wardrobe rotation that you ‘ll be comfortable with wearing all the time because they’re so awesomely cool yet reliable; and with the colder weather that means having items like a standout jacket, slick coat and layerable pinafore dress. Need a little inspiration? See our outfit map of style staples and standouts and lock down your look stat…



Above: UNIF ‘Mia’ Parka / Lazy Oaf ‘Oafopolis’ Dress / Cheap Monday Layer Hide Boot 


Above: Lovers + Friends ‘Bisous’ Peacoat / Fuzzy Striped & Checkered Sweater / UNIF ‘Garcon’ Shorts


Above: Black Pleated Pinafore Dress / Fairground ‘Altitude’ Crop Top / Cheap Monday ‘Go Tractor’ Loafers

Shop UNIFORM at Koshka


October 30, 2013

Street Style: Bad Girls Club

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This week we’re turning the preppy look on its head and looking towards the bad apples in the back of the classroom for our style inspiration. To wear it, take one or two school girl basics and then throw out the proverbial book by mixing in your own bad gal touches such as a bomber jacket, distressed denim, or crop top.

preppy street style


varsity jacket street style

street-style cardigan

tartan street style

preppy street style



refinery29 preppy style

Shop Bad Girls Club at Koshka

richer poorer bread winner socksblue varsity bomber jacketsecond base cardigan

October 16, 2013

Season Must-Have: The Leopard Coat

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Trends may come and go but the leopard coat is right up there with classic fall/winter patterns such as tweed, herringbone and corduroy, among others. An “It” girl essential that makes pretty much any outfit absolutely purrr-fect, continue on for some spot on looks featuring our favorite furry feline outerwear piece…

kate moss leopard coat



leopard coat

leopard coat 4

leopard coat 2


leopard coat1images via stockholm streetstyle, collage vintage, harpaar’s bazaar



Pictured Above: Oversized Leopard Coat / Leather Bustier Crop Top / Plaid Cut-out Tartan Shorts / Cheap Monday ‘Go Tractor’ Zip Loafers from KOSHKA

October 9, 2013

Street Style: Masculine/Feminine

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Diane Keaton’s look in the Woody Allen classic, Annie Hall, can be described as a milestone in women’s fashion history. Since the film came out in 1977, borrowed boyfriend coats, ties, and fedoras have been inspiring fall/winter wardrobes through the decades and show no signs of ever stopping. To get into character, mix menswear pieces in a relaxed way while also including a feminine touch such as a cropped sweater, ruffled blouse, ladylike purse or perfectly coifed hair. Continue on for our favorite masculine meets feminine street style looks…

pfw-fw2013-street-style-day6-5_200954781391-1annie hall street style 2

annie hall street style

tartan cape stockhol street style satchel



annie hall style

Shop Annie Hall in the Fall at KOSHKA

alejandra quesada pana pantskelen plaid drape jackettsumori chisato pale cream silk mac

October 7, 2013

Look We Love: The Oversized Coat

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We all like to push the boundaries once in awhile and this time we’re taking some cues from the boys. In other words, masculine chic brings a feminine touch to traditionally masculine pieces. Take for example, the oversized coat. As temperature’s begin to drop, look into coats with dropped shoulders, sharp lapels, long lengths and mannish silhouettes. To achieve this look, a clever mix of proportions is key. For contrast, keep things simple and slim. And just remember: the bigger the better.



only oversized coat marc jacobs stst


 Try our Reality Studio Inside Out Coat

Shop more coats at Koshka!

October 2, 2013

Fall Brights

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This fall, set your wardrobe ablaze with seasonal brights such as fiery reds, vibrant oranges, electric blues and bold pinks. Wear them as a stand out piece against an otherwise dark or neutral colored outfit, or go all in with a full jumpsuit or set of monochrome separates.

Continue on for some bold and beautiful inspiration spotted on on the streets this fashion month…

vanessa jackman_streetstyle10001-web









Photos from,, and

Shop Fall Brights at KOSHKA

stylestalker pink cardiganotis & maclain jacketmink pink blue dress

September 12, 2013

Style Crush: Léa Seydoux

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Not many can do classic Parisian chic better than modern day It-girl, Léa Seydoux. In American cinema, you might recognize the French actress from Midnight In Paris, Inglorious Basterds, or the latest Mission Impossible. We love Léa’s relaxed approach to style, which embraces girlish femininity in a classic yet playful way. Continue for more photos and join us in the Léa love…




lea seydoux 2 lea seydoux









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July 24, 2013

Transitional Dressing: Summer to Fall

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We’re nearing the end of July, a sort of odd time to think about while getting our shop on. On the one hand, it’s still hot as hell so those crop tops and mini skirts are still looking pretty damn good. On the other hand, fall is on the horizon so you’re also kind of gearing up for what you’ll be wearing once it starts to cool down. What do you do? Scroll on for tips and strategies on how to go about your wardrobe during summer’s awkward phase…


Bright colors: Can’t say goodbye to summer’s bright colors? You don’t have to! Go for longer cuts or thicker fabrics like this orange midi.


Crop Tops: They’re back and here to stay. Today wear yours alone with a skirt or shorts. When temperatures lower in a couple months, just toss on a cardigan or jacket with some trousers.


Monochrome: Black and white has proven itself a perennial favorite that’s always appealing and chic no matter how high or low the mercury rises. This sheer floral button up is light enough now and great for layering later. And how in-between can you get than a short/long maxi?


Layerability: The nice thing about spring and summer pieces is how lightweight they typically are. When autumn arrives keep them in your wardrobe rotation by just piling them on together. Of course, a keen eye for matching and making sure you don’t look too bulky is key.


Keep the hemlines: Just because summer’s ended doesn’t mean your legs have to go into hibernation. To transition, keep your short shorts, skirts and dresses and bring up the height of your boots and socks instead.

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June 27, 2013

Meet the Blogger: Amanda Brohman of The Style Gossiper

Meet 19-year old Swedish blogger Amanda Brohman of the The Style Gossiper. Besides running a fashion blog, Amanda just graduated high school, is a freelance stylist and marketing gal who would rather “gossip about a bad-ass dress than a bad-ass person.” And we think that’s totally bad-ass. We gossiped with Amanda as she shares with us her thoughts on Swedish style (less is more right?), what she wore to her high school prom, and the perfect way to dress up for a summer party! Read on for more…


Amanda wearing our Navy Lace Inset Dress and Rachel Comey x Hansel Basel Sheer Dotted Red Socks!

K: Swedish style definitely has a minimal vibe, has that also influenced your sense of style?

A: That is very true, we’re definitely a minimalist kind of people. I think that I sometimes contradict myself in terms of how much of a “minimalist” I am; on one hand I don’t fit in very well with your typical Swedish fashion crowd, where it’s all black and white and clean lines and very little color, I’m edgier than that. But at the same time, I usually stick to a very simple styling in terms of personal style, and I like clean lines and a clean structure in clothing. When I move to the U.S I am sure my minimalist side will show off more than it does here.



K: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Well, it’s a mix of different styles. But I think it always has this preppy foundation to it, because I am a prep. But sometimes it’s “grunge preppy”, sometimes it’s “girly preppy”, sometimes it’s “romantic preppy” and sometimes it’s “minimalist preppy”. It all depends on the day, but that’s the foundation of my style.

K: Where do you draw inspiration from for your blog?

A: Well I do some freelance styling, I have done styling for a couple of fashion shows during my city’s fashion week for example, and  even when I am not blogging, I love to spend time finding inspiration for new styling sessions by browsing through my favorite fashion magazines as well as through Tumblr and other blogs I follow. I am also a huge fan of movies, and I can literally re-watch my favorite movies over and over again, I just never get fed up with them. My most recent favorite is The Great Gatsby, it is probably the most beautiful and stylish movie I have seen.


K: You just attended your high school prom! What did you decide to wear for your special night? 

A: I did! It’s a long story. First I was  going to wear a dress from a sponsor of my blog, but they didn’t send it in time so I had to order another dress last-minute, which was very beautiful, but a day before prom I still hadn’t received it! So after some panicking and some failed attempts at finding something in the stores in my city, I browsed through my closet and found two lace dresses which I layered. So I ended up wearing a 20s inspired outfit, with a shorter Ida Sjöstedt designed dress underneath a long vintage lace dress from L.A-based Thrifted&Modern. And it turned out to be the perfect prom dress. (Pictured above)

 K: What’s a perfect way to dress up for a summer party?

A: A really nice bikini or bathing suit, I’m really into the high-waist bikini bottoms this summer, underneath a  loose, slightly transparent dress, just to cover up a bit. And a pair of flatforms!

Thanks Amanda!

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June 26, 2013

Summer Dressing

Dresses. Who doesn’t love a good one? And as the mercury rises, they’re especially helpful in keeping you put together, cute and comfortable. From this season’s LWD to neon and florals, we rounded up a few of our favorite trends for a frolicking good time.





Mink Pink Valerie Lace Dress

kele white

Kele Galanthus Dress

Cut Outs

cutout-dress-vanessa jackman-street style



Love Zooey Floral Stripe Dress


Sol Sana Mona Heel in Cobalt




Shakuhachi Neon Nights Mini

Otis & Maclain Empire Dress




Mink Pink Inked Skater Dress

Stones Devin Floral Dress


**Use code ‘DRESSITUP’ for 20% off all dresses through 7/1/13**



June 21, 2013

Meet the Bloggers: Dani and Bianca from Kastor & Pollux

Seeing double? So are we. Meet 21 year olds Toronto-based bloggers Danielle Roche and Bianca Venerayan of Kastor & Pollux. This twin power duo blog together, run their own online shop (managing everything from web design to design production) and have been pushing limits with their creative minds that go hand-in-hand with their quirky, undeniably cool sense of style. We chatted with Bianca and Dani about what’s the secret behind their twintuition, working as a team, and what other projects they’ve got up their sleeve! Keep reading…


 Bianca and Dani wearing our Lucca Couture Native ZigZag Dress

Koshka: Hi Bianca and Dani! Tell us how you two met and how Kastor and Pollux came to be?

Bianca & Dani:  It sounds pretty unconventional, but we actually met on music website in the summer of 2008. Though we went to the same high school and had a ton of mutual friends, our friendship was legitimately formed online before we officially met in person. By the time we started school in September (we were both 16 at the time), we had launched our first online boutique which was nonsensically titled “Plastic Skyline” – a name we pulled from a band name generator website. It featured reworked vintage finds and a couple of DIY products, all of which we modeled ourselves. Kastor & Pollux came about 3 years after, the blog launching in April 2011 and the shop launching in June. It was a mutual decision to “close” Plastic Skyline and embark on a more mature and creatively challenging endeavour – something that Kastor & Pollux has definitely proven to be.

K: Aside from blogging, you guys also run your own shop! How is it working together as a team, any funny things to share or are there moments of disagreements?

B & D: We like to joke that we’re essentially the same person… and although we occasionally disagree, both our business mindset and aesthetic tastes are very very very similar – so it’s always easy to reach some sort of compromise when there is an issue we don’t see eye-to-eye on. This might also be difficult to wrap your head around, but we’re also convinced we are telepathically connected. Though we’ve only known each other 5 years, we’ve been pretty much working/collaborating together consistently (read: 24/7), so whether we’re finishing each other’s sentences or reading each other’s incomplete thoughts, there’s always something we’re freaking each other out with. Twintuition? We think so!


K: How different is Kastor & Pollux now than from Plastic Skyline? How have you both evolved ever since?

B & D: We like to think Plastic Skyline was the foundation of Kastor & Pollux. Because it was our first endeavour together, we had a chance to test the waters, both in terms of compatibility with each other and how our business would work in the future. We were also able to wrap our heads around the kinds of things our followers wanted to see. Kastor & Pollux, therefore, is a more developed version of Plastic Skyline — there’s more components to the brand including a frequently updated blog, handmade jewelry, house brand clothing, lookbooks, collaborations with other brands, and of course, moving GIFs.

K: How would you guys describe your personal style? Would you say it’s similar in a way or quite the opposite?

B & D: Our favourite thing to do together is cross-coordinate (or full-on match) our outfits – so yeah, it’s safe to say we have similar styles! Plus, we own a handful of the same things so if that’s not at a testament to our similar styles, it’s at least helpful in terms of matching outfits!


K: Any upcoming projects you both are working on?

B & D: We’re working on getting our summer jewelry collection online within the next week or so, and after that, we’ll have our fall clothing collection ready for September (so we can wear the pieces to fall fashion weeks). We’re super keen on anything pertaining to the design process because we get to partake in the entire experience together, so releasing new collections is more of a fun BFF activity versus “real” work.

K: What’s the best thing about summer?

B & D: Not having to wear parkas to brave the frigid Canadian weather! Also, patios!

Thanks Bianca and Dani!

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May 23, 2013

Laidback With Mary Pearson

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With bouts of summer-like weather and the long weekend upon us, this week at Koshka we’ve been all about easy breezy vibes and casual chic dressing. We asked LA musician, Mary Pearson of High Places, to put together a laidback look with our Something Else Warp Flower tank and found out how she likes to kick back and mellow out.

[slideshow_deploy id='4064']



Koshka: Hi Mary! Describe the pieces in your outfit.

Mary: I paired the Something Else Warp Flower tank with black crushed velvet Cheap Monday sweats, my trusty Dr. Martens, an orange Altuzarra tube bracelet and a vintage sweater I’ve co-opted from my boyfriend’s closet.

K: What was your inspiration behind putting this look together?

M: Since Something Else is an Australian-based label, I thought I’d feature the tank in a very “no worries” ensemble. Everything in this look can be pulled on. No zippers or buttons involved. I’ve even done up my boot laces in a way that I don’t ever have to tie them!

K: After a crazy week, what are go-to’s to chill out?

M: It’s a little corny, if not cliche, but when I really need to unwind, I brew a pot of jasmine or kukicha tea, light a stick of piñon incense, and put on one of my favorite albums. The combination of those three things always chills me out.

Check out Mary’s personal blog Hype Laces

Watch/listen High Places “Head Spins”

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May 22, 2013

Style Crush: Natalia Vodianova

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When it comes to laidback looks, at Koshka we have a major style crush on Russian supermodel/supermom/actress/philanthropist, Natalia Vodianova, and her effortless off-duty outfits. Often opting for relaxed fits instead of bodycon pieces and a pair of loafers over sky high heels, her easy chic everyday look is something that we can easily get onboard with.

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October 5, 2012

Paris Fashion Week SS13 Round Up

Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2013 officially wrapped up this week, which meant we got a further peek into what we’ll likely be donning in some iteration next spring (seriously considering the voluminous sleeve look). Aside from what’s ahead, the ladies that were stomping the streets of Paris also gave us more insight and inspiration as to what we should be daring ourselves to try out this fall, i.e. bomber jackets and graphic tees/sweaters with dark lipstick and some wild accessories. Continue on to see looks from some of our favorite runway shows and the stylish ladies in attendance.

Checkered everything at Louis Vuitton.

Tropical motorcycle jacket at Kenzo.

Furry jacket, bra top, shiny leather with flats at Miu Miu.

Jumpsuit at Giambattista Valli.

(images via

(images via

September 25, 2012

London/Milan Spring 2013 Recap

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Though Fall’s only just begun, we admit we’re pretty excited at the idea of springing forward again next year as the SS13 London and Milan fashion weeks came to a close last week. Both big name brands and cult fave labels delivered, leaving us quite impressed and with much anticipation for the coming year. Our favorite ensembles on both the runways and the streets contained a mix of menswear inspired looks, eye catching details and a badass attitude. Scroll on and see…

Metallics all around at Burberry Prorsum @ LFW (via

Interesting prints at Vivienne Westwood Red Label @ LFW (via

Structural details at Sass & Bide @ LFW (via

Buckled vests at Acne @ LFW (via

Flower Power at Prada @ MFW (via

Boxy silhouettes at Marni @ MFW (via

Moto jacket and printed pants at Sea @ MFW (via

Statement sweaters @ LFW (via

Digital prints @ LFW (via

Mirrored sunglasses and brights @ MFW (via The Cut).

Stars and stripes @ MFW (via

Matching skirt and hair @ MFW (via

Layered leather jacket @ LFW (via Harper’s Bazaar).

September 19, 2012

Koshka Girl: Satsuki Shibuya

Satsuki Shibuya is an LA area artist / designer of handmade goods and an intrepid explorer of the creative process. We first learned about Satsuki when we became one of her many devoted followers on Pinterest, and the instant we learned she was a local designer, we invited her to bring her ware and join us at our pop-up event earlier this year, to which she kindly obliged.

We recently met up with Satsuki at her lovely (and impeccably clean) home studio to talk about her design process, living and working in LA, and to check in on her one-of-a-kind necklace for our shop!

Koshka: How would you describe your typical work day?

Satsuki: Lately I’ve been working on being respectful of my body and basing my day on how I’m feeling; So some days will be filled with sketching and others I’ll be sewing or blogging. When you work from a home studio it’s easy to get sucked into your work and you can forget to take care of the normal things, like eating and resting! So I’ve been really trying to balance work and relaxation, especially since it’s when I’m just chillin’ that I tend to get my best ideas.

K: Your heritage is Japanese but you grew up in California. How did you come to develop such a minimal aesthetic and not have the beachy or Hollywood vibe of LA infiltrate your work?

S: Aesthetically I’m really drawn to Japanese and Scandanavian design because I feel like they have a certain warmth to them. I also go gaga over Finnish designers like, Marimekko. Because LA is so busy and I’m a homebody, I guess I’m just always searching for that cozy homeyness and naturally gravitate towards those design aesthetics.


K: As an LA area designer, do you feel like you fit into the local design/art community here in any way?

S: I’ve always felt like an outsider looking in. I never felt like I fit into a particular group or clique. I appreciate people’s work and I like talking to them and getting to know them, but I personally like to work in my own little world. I wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily in a community but I think with the variety of creatives in LA, I can tap into and connect with all sorts of people to get an overview of different creative ideas or ways of handling design situations. I do have a small group of people who I turn to when I need feedback or help with ideas, but we all do different things, like one’s a stylist, one’s a photographer, and one’s a graphic designer / interior designer. I do like being on the outside though because it gives me freedom to roam and experiment with different mediums and not be confined and be known for doing just that one thing.

K: Do you ever get frustrated with the creative process given the constant pressure to produce new things?

S: All the time! Especially with everything being online and so accessible, you always feel like you’re being one-upped and your newest thing is getting pushed back. But what I’ve come to realize is that you really have to be mindful of your capabilities and just work at your own pace. Some people constantly and quickly produce new things and other people just make a few brilliant things once or twice a year. Personally, the way I approach frustration if I’m stuck on a certain project is to step away and look it at different angle, or I try to channel an artist I admire, or I’ll just put it aside or a bit. I don’t think frustration’s a bad thing though because it helps you push yourself to the next level. If things are coming too easily, I feel it’s too comfortable and you may just be designing the same thing and really not pushing your limits.

K: When working with brands or companies are you picky with who you collaborate with?

S: Yes, not because it’s, “Oh I have the right to be picky”, but because I’m very particular about my work being executed a certain way. I have to 100% fully believe in what a company does, otherwise I feel like it affects the work. For me, money is not worth compromising for. For example, I was approached by a big company for a project and they were willing to give me a generous offer, but at the end of the day I knew that if I didn’t feel strongly about it, it wouldn’t turn out that great and I wouldn’t be happy with it even though the client might be. I’d made the mistake of doing so before and I’ve learned my lesson. I understand it’s hard to say no to money and recognition if it’s right in your face, but it leads you down different paths that you don’t necessarily want to head into.

K: Now for a fashion question! How would you describe your personal style and when you go out, what do you like to wear?

S: I love clothes that are comfortable whether you’re in or out, but still fashionable. I love looking at high fashion and admire the women who dress that way, but personally I can’t  walk in stilettos to save my life. The type of shoes I tend to like are oxfords or if it’s a heel, it’d be a wooden heel. I love simple shapes, simple lines, but with interesting details. So if the material’s jersey it might have polka dots on it or  if it’s a silk top, it’s in a simple square silhouette but with a cut out in the back. I guess I’d term my style “comfy chic”. [We love comfy chic!]

Our exclusive one-of-a-kind Satsuki Shibuya ‘Braid of Love’ Necklace.


More photos from our studio visit:

Satsuki’s ‘Comfy Chic’ Koshka Picks

To learn more about Satsuki Shibuya and to keep up with her blog, visit her website at:

September 14, 2012

NYFW Spring 2013 Recap: Part 2

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Though we’re definitely counting the days until the fall season begins, we were able to momentarily forget just how over the heat we were this past New York Fashion Week as all the pretty Spring 2013 looks came down the runway. Our favorites include the blend of futuristic mod looks, the continuation of neon, more bra tops, and all the interesting ways to do spring florals.

On the streets we were digging all the graphic sweaters (see Cara Delavigne’s awesome Bart Simpson outfit below), jumpsuits, and the occasional cheeky t-shirt; And with just a week left until summer is officially over, we just might try taking some of these street-ready and runway-fresh looks for a test run!

Clear jackets and metallics at Milly Spring 2013 (via

Sheer shirt and bra top at Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 (via

At Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2013 (via

Frida Gustavsson at Anna Sui Spring 2013 (via pretaportre).

Shoes at Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 (via

(via High Snobiety)

Cara Delavigne (via

(via High Snobiety)

Antonela Repetto of Hey MCFLY  (via mypreciousconfessions).

P.S. For this look, try our Somedays Lovin Everynight  Lace Pants in Charcoal (on sale!).

Alice Mccall floral dress and cute jumpsuit with cut-out (via Styleist).

The sophisticated jumpsuit (via Styleist).

Click HERE for our NYFW recap!

September 10, 2012

NYFW Spring 2013 Recap: Part 1

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New York Fashion Week was in full swing over the weekend, which meant our Bloglovin, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest accounts were going wild with updates over the latest shows, front row appearances and street snaps, and we happily devoured every .jpg of our sartorial future. With still a few more days and plenty of shows to go, we decided to take a breather and put together a mid-Fashion Week recap of some of our favorite on and off-runway looks thus far.

Have you been following NYFW? Share with us your favorites!

Seen on the runways…

Jumpsuits and clear jackets at Charlotte Ronson RTW Spring 2013 (via

Bold and boxy at Alexandre Herchcovitch RTW Spring 2013 (via

Galaxy dress at Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2013 (via

Mara Hoffman RTW Spring 2013 (via

Tracksuit at Suno Spring RTW 2013 (via

Lauren Moffatt Spring RTW 2013 (via

Alexander Wang Finale (via The Sartorialist)

Seen on the streets…

Tommy Ton for

Graphic sweatshirt (via


Turquoise blazer (via

Boy cuts (via Harper’s Bazaar).

More boy cuts (via


Bryan Boy (via

 Stay tuned for our recap of NYFW Part 2!

January 19, 2012

Brand Crush: Love, Zooey

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This week we’ve been visiting Market in Los Angeles to find interesting and new designers. One of our favorites was Love, Zooey. We love how wearable the pieces are and how cohesive the overall aesthetic of the brand is- so much so that you can mix and match almost every item in their collection together. It all matches in a fun mis-matchy way. We can wait for the collection to come in so we can share it with you all!




January 16, 2012

Let’s not forget the socks!

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It’s no secret that at Koshka we love socks and think they are an amazing way to change the overall look of your outfits. A good sock can really up the level of a cute dress, or a nice pair of trousers. They are fun to mix and match with preppy loafers (peeking out just a bit under your pants) or with pretty heels. So, we challenge you- take a moment and don’t over look your socks! We think they are the most underrated accessory. Mix it up!

November 14, 2011

Refinery 29 Reserve!

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One of our dreams has come true and we’ve been featured in Refinery 29′s Reserve! This is an amazing deal and ends the 15th so get your hands on this before it’s gone! Purchase Reserves for $75 and get $150 worth of merchandise. Or splurge just a little more for $150 and get $300 worth of cool gear from Koshka!

Visit Refinery 29 Reserve to get yours!

November 8, 2011

Best Parts of Fall: Layering 101

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One of the best things about Fall is being able to mix your Summer Wear in with cozier items and getting ready for the big chill. The key to keeping warm while still looking good is getting into the art of layering. Here are some Koshka tips and tricks to get you inspired.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise)

Slouchy Socks + Tights

Keep your feet warm by mixing knit socks with slouchy socks. And play with color! Fall and winter doesn’t mean that you can’t keep wearing color.

Play with Texture

There’s a lot of elements you can play with when layering, but one of the most interesting things you can do is to play with different textures. So pairing a smooth, thick coat with something that’s light and ruffly will add interest to your outfits. Pair it all with some classic flats and you are good to go.

Play with different lengths

A classic way of layering is to pair things of different lengths. A great way to get into this is to mix one of your favorite over sized tees or button ups with a slim fit knit that hits at the waist (or even higher/smaller).


Denim is just thick enough and doesn’t add too much bulk and is a must have for layering.

Play with Line

Take a look at the overall silhouette of your outfit. Play with different shapes. Try a long line coat or jacket with a maxi dress.

How are you guys going to mix and match this Fall?


August 29, 2011

Fan Mail

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Cutie Julia looks crazy cool with our M & Kyoko scarf! We love that she sent this to us all the way from Bangkok. Also, it’s a great idea to pair the rainbow colored scarf with an equally patterned bag.

August 17, 2011

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Sometimes, it pays to show off. The kids at Koshka would love to see your outfits!

Email your images to

August 12, 2011

Sharp Blue

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Yes, yes, yes, we know we’re posting a picture of a man – we do sell a few unisex pieces you know and frankly, when someone works a sublime blue tuxedo like this, well, it just deserves sharing.  Kudos to Ryan Gosling, a seriously stylish man.

Via GQ.

July 25, 2011

Advanced Style

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Advanced Style is one of our favourite blogs – inspiring fashion and words – and we’re happy to say it’s been generating more attention recently.  Read it if you don’t know it already!   Take Miyano Haraki, for example, an 80 year old fashion designer, who posed in some of her collection of amazing hats.  We love her, look at that snake necklace!  Proof that a good hat is timeless – have a look at our hats and see if you can’t find something you’ll wear for life.

All photos from Advanced Style.

July 6, 2011

Whimsical Sandals

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These flip flop sandals make us wish we were young again!  We love the idea of leaving behind a trial of animal paw prints.  Only the observant will notice as you walk away, just how cool these sandles are!  Wish they made them in adult sizes…


Via Spoon & Tamago

June 28, 2011

Uniqlo Save Japan! T-shirts

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We’re super pleased to see that Japan’s plight hasn’t been forgotten and that there are still new charity campaigns being launched to support the rebuild.  Uniqlo is selling 10 different limited edition Save Japan! t-shirts that have been created by celebrities and designers including Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Orlando Bloom to name just a few.   Save Japan! was launched immediately after the earthquake and tsunami and now together with Vogue Japan, GQ Japan and Uniqlo, they are selling t-shirts from which they hope to donate around 100 million yen (that’s about £750,000 or $1.2m) to the Japanese Red Cross.  A great chance to literally wear your support!

T-shirt designs from Karl Lagerfield, Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively and Nicole Kidman


June 28, 2011

Style Icon 002: Faye Wong in Chungking Express

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Faye Wong in ChungKing Express

Faye Wong in ChungKing Express

Faye Wong in ChungKing Express

Faye Wong in ChungKing Express

Faye Wong in ChungKing Express

We’re big fans of War Kai Wong and one of our all time favorite movies of his is Chungking Express. It’s got such an electric energy that mixes with these quiet moments he gives his characters. We love Faye Wong’s look in this movie. Her boyish floral grandma shirts, the tight 90′s baby doll tees, her pixie cut and white rimmed sunglasses. She doesn’t stand out so much because of an individual piece of clothing, but from her overall look. Her character is girly, quiet and shy and yet her look is loud. The contradiction is what makes her interesting and we dig that.



June 8, 2011

Tsumori Cardi Mark 2

We love the second outing of Susie Bubble‘s Tsumori Chisato Acid Neon Floral Cardigan.  It’s so good to see her getting lots of use out of it!  We just love seeing people wearing out clothes and all the different ways they style them.  She was attending the Reykjavik Fashion Festival and wore the cardigan to Rain Dear‘s show, who specialise in quirky rain coats.  Here’s a few photos of Susie trying on some of Rain Dear’s coats!

October 18, 2010

Nancy Z and koshka!

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A few days ago Nancy Z dropped by the koshka headquarters. We’ve always admired her outfits on and fell in love with the beautiful illustrations she makes that go with each of her daily outfits. Not only is she super talented, but she was even more adorable in real life. We all bonded over our love for food and weird obsessions (like wanting to find hot pot in Berlin- that’s a tough one). Nancy modeled and tried on a bunch of things and even sent us a few illustrations she did inspired by the clothing and even one of the Koshka team, they are amazing!

Nancy trying on the new Tsumori Zip Trench.


Looking dapper in the Fil De Fer Leather Jacket. We love the combo with her cute blue flats.

Nancy in the Tsumori Chisato Mushroom gown + Illustration!


Our In Process trousers go really well with the chunky knit Nancy wore. 


Check out Nancy Z’s blog for more and be sure to add her on where she updates daily!