November 21, 2014

The New Rules of Layering

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As the days get colder, our winter philosophy is all about throwing your favorite things on top of your other favorite things. How do you know if you’re wearing enough layers? If you’re warm enough to step outside, then you’re golden. If not, pile on more and get inventive. Take advantage of shapes, colors, and textures. Mix things up and change the order.

See what we came up with below >>

Layered Inception


Wearing: Chunky Crop Knit Top / Suede Buckle Skirt / Navy Button Down Jumpsuit (coming soon)

Jumpsuits provide minimal effort, so why not throw another outfit on top? Pair a chunky crop top and a wrap skirt over and you got an outfit within an outfit.

Double Layered Jacket


Wearing: Oversized Blazer Jacket / Matte Clear Parka / Infinite Universe Tee (similar here) / Reality Studio Quilted Leggings

Take an oversized blazer and layer it on top of a jacket for a dual combo. Combining two different coats with contrasting colors and textures doubles the warmth and volume.

Color Combo


Wearing: Objects Without Meaning ‘Fumo’ Blazer / Fifth Label ‘Safe and Sound’ Shirt / Kele Galanthus Dress

Layer a dress on top of a dress. Pair two contrasting colors (make sure that one color pops) and throw them over another. We thew a shirtdress over another dress and buttoned the top so that the dress underneath is still visible.

Pattern Play


Metallic Floral Bomber / Ruffle Sleeve Grid Top / Sheer Midi Polka Dot Dress / Just Female ‘Any’ Pants

Pattern mixing is an interesting way to amplify an outfit. Here, we layered 3 different prints and kept things playful by mixing up textures.

Triple Knitting


Wearing: Knit High Waist Skirt / Something Else Shaggy Mesh Sweater / Shida Tatsuya Woolen Cape Coat 

Mix and match textures and keep colors neutral. The neutral palette is a fresh way to balance out the darker tones of winter. Piling on the knits adds a lot more drama and warmth, of course.

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November 14, 2014

All In The Details

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In this week’s collection, we focus on different design elements. Pastel hues, oversized shapes, and subtle details are all things that cater to our winter needs >>

Lazy Oaf Blackintosh Parka

Untitled-Session0750 copy

Think BIG. The spotted sleeves on the jacket add a fun element to this oversized parka and it’s perfect for all the layering done underneath.

UNIF Strips Bomber Jacket

Untitled-Session1247 copy

The distressed strips on the sleeves give a destructed feel on the bomber jacket. Its oversize fit elevates the jacket so that it’s big on warmth.

Pastel Scuba Trench

Untitled-Session1243 copy

The pastel shade makes this trench an unexpected statement piece for winter.

Fil De Fer Cape

Untitled-Session1332 copy

The cape has a relaxed fit giving you extra room to move around. We love the shape of the sleeves and the lightness of the material, making it an easy piece to transition between seasons.

Shakuhachi ‘Work It’ Parka

shakuUntitled-Session1068 copy

The suede details and netted fabric give the parka a cool, constructed feel. The color makes it wearable and the perfect everyday jacket.


November 12, 2014


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There’s no better topper for winter than a good cold-weather staple. It’s our outerwear that’s the most valuable arsenal in our closet and the piece that keeps us covered no matter what the weather brings. Stay warm and opt for marshmellow puffer jackets, sleek trench coats, and heavy-duty parkas. Below we rounded up our favorite street snaps of the week >>

Vanessa Jackman













November 7, 2014

Androgynous Style Icons

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There are many celebrities who have reinvented themselves in ways that have pushed boundaries beyond the norm. Whether it’s adopting a new persona in the realm of art, theater, or music- these style icons continue to manipulate the visualization of gender. Scroll through our list of favorite icons (past & present) >>


Tilda Swinton- Tilda isn’t afraid to work a suit like a boss. And it’s clear that the statuesque model and actress has a penchant for architectural details and monochrome tailored suits.


Boy George- Boy George’s outlandish style pioneered androgyny in the 80′s by dressing in eclectic hats, waist coats, and billowy tees. Wearing bright facial make-up, winged eyeliner, and crimped hair tied with ribbons and rags reflected his flamboyant persona.


Iggy Pop- If there’s one person in Rock N’ Roll who can wear just about anything it’s Iggy Pop who once stated, I’m not ashamed to dress ‘like a woman’ because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.” 


Annie Lennox- Annie made an impression in the early 80′s by donning trouser suits and an orange buzz cut. The reason behind this Scottish-born singer’s hair do? “Appearance is just temporary and I wanted to be strong as a man.”


David Bowie- Bowie was a master at transforming himself to a million personas throughout his musical career. His most famous being Ziggy Stardust in all his flame-haired, glittering glory.


Prince- While he pushed musical boundaries during the 80′s, Prince expressed his style by mixing masculine with the feminine in an unprecedented way in brocade catsuits, frilly tops, cropped tees, bell bottoms, and fingerless gloves.


Grace Jones- Grace was intimidating and fierce. Her razor sharp features and even sharper style was the epitome of menswear chic. She’s inspired the likes of Andy Warhol and designers all over and influenced the underground New York scene in the 70′s and 80′s.


Katherine Hepburn- While feminine dressing was a more conservative way to emphasize a woman’s curves during the 30′s and 40′s, Katherine Hepburn’s sense of style was unconventional as she stuck with high-waisted slacks and button down shirts.


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November 5, 2014

“Menswear” // “Womenswear”

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This week’s collection features pieces that we traditionally call menswear. But, what exactly is menswear and what does this word mean? Is it purely to accentuate the physiological aspects of both sexes? And how does masculinity and femininity come into play? Why do we associate certain aesthetics to a gender?

Whether you call something menswear or womenswear,  it’s important to understand the reasons behind doing these things. Whether you are a man or woman, rock the three piece suit or floor length sequin dress and walk with swagger. Play, mix-up and challenge these associations because it’s fun, but do it intentionally. Know that the real strength is not in your convincing affiliation with being a man or a woman, masculine or feminine — whatever that means — but in your being.



Pinstripe Tailored Jumpsuit —  The pinstripes and color are typically what would be associated with menswear because of its darker color and the rigidness of the vertical lines. The subtle tailoring of the jumpsuit is what makes it feminine. It’s the balanced aspects of these dualities that makes you feel sexy.


Leather Moto Vest — The structure of the vest is great and we love how it’s not tailored to fit a certain body type. The silhouette is linear. You feel protected when you’re wearing this piece because of the weight and texture of the fabric– in this way you feel strong.


Tuxedo Woven Overall Jumper — This is another piece that plays with the balance of menswear/womenswear. The high waist and cut of the pant elongates you in a really elegant way. The thinness of the shoulder straps gives this piece a delicate feeling.


Felted Dark Wool Coat — The most gender neutral piece in the collection. The coat is boxy without being structured or synched. The length and mass of the coat is dramatic. It is only normalized by the color and stands out in a subtle way.



October 30, 2014

Koshka Halloween

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Halloween is upon us and the Koshka team put together a few costume inspirations from Edward Scissorhands to Cruella De Ville.

See what we came up with below! >>

Suzy Bishop (Moonrise Kingdom)


Patricia is wearing our Pink Collared Open Back Top / Pink Tux Flared Skirt / Cheap Monday Pony Oxford Flatforms

  Edward Scissorhands


Jed is wearing our Fil De Fer Bib Top / Faux Leather Overalls

Cruella De Ville


Teresa is wearing our Speckled Oversized Jacket / Pinstripe Jumpsuit (coming soon) / Just Female Houndstooth Coat (coming soon)



Joanne is wearing our Black Rib Knit Crop Top / Daydream Nation Clown Floral Skirt

Happy Halloween!

October 23, 2014

STYLE MUSE: Yves Saint Laurent

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This week, we’re groovin’ back to the Seventies. A time when fashion was all about experimentation and freedom of expression. No one other than Yves Saint Laurent portrayed those things, whose tailored style and classic square framed glasses, was a fixture in the fashion world. Being one of the most illustrious designers and fashion pioneers, his personal style of smart pantsuits, tuxedo looks, and tailored outfits echoed into his countless collections that revolutionized the way women dressed.

Scroll through as we look back at our favorite YSL moments… >>









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October 17, 2014

A Tee 4 Ways

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A shirt can be an incredible staple and a formidable tool to have. Besides being a classic piece, there are endless ways to get creative to make incredible looks. Here are four ideas you can try, featuring our Lazy Oaf ‘Scribble’ Tee.


Look 1: The Infinity Sleeve Wrap Dress Using two shirts that are identical or similar, start by wearing the first shirt as you normally would. Take the second shirt and wrap the collared area around your waist and fasten the buttons haphazardly so that one size drapes longer than the other. You can then either tie the sleeves around your waist or you can stick your hands into the sleeves like we did to create an infinity sleeve.


Look 2: Harem Skirt Pant Start by putting your legs through the sleeves of a shirt that is 1-2 sizes bigger than your normal size. Make sure buttons are facing front as you do this. Next take the collared part of the shirt and bring it up to your waist and fasten the buttons. It should be tight enough but still loose enough to sit at your lower waist. This creates a skirted panel much like a harem pant. You can also try wearing this as a skirt and wrapping the arms around your waist instead.


Look 3: The Layered Trench Taking two identical shirts, button the left hand side of one shirt into the right hand side of the other shirt. This will look like one massive shirt. Put your arms through the very outer sleeves.  This look is incredibly easy to make and the asymmetrically of the shirts is really interesting when draped over the body!


Look 4: Harem Skirt Jumper Following the instructions of the Harem Skirt Jumper (look #2) and throw on a shirt with a matching print or color to create a unified jumper look. Using shirts that are a few sizes bigger than you would usually take will give you a relaxed fit and look.


S H O P   S H I R T S

IMG_7755_print_shirt__64679.1410101677.400.600 IMG_3537_jeansshirt__61649.1410104164.400.600 8Y2C4247_dress__56858.1413316616.400.600