February 25, 2013

Meet the Blogger: Claire Geist of De Lune

Meet New York blogger Claire Geist of De Lune. What we love about Claire is her fiery red hair, her totally rad vintage-chic style, and that she’s definitely no stranger to New York Fashion Week (how lucky is that?). We chatted with Claire about her love of vintage, how she spent NYFW, and her collaboration with jewelry brands Vanessa Mooney and By Boe! Read on for the interview…

Claire wearing our Otis & Maclain Geisha Floral

Koshka: Hi Claire! Tell us a little about yourself and what’s the story behind the name “De Lune”?

Claire: When I started my blog back in high school, I gave my blog a really silly name (“Faboo”) to counteract the semi-serious banner art I had up. I had thought my blog would never really be looked at by anyone else, so I kept it. It wasn’t until I got back to NYC and started getting collab work that I changed it to “De Lune” which is a play on Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” piano piece.

K: We love your hair! What’s your secret to keeping your curls fresh and keeping it vibrant overall?

C: Aw shucks, thanks! I try my best to keep my hair as healthy as possible. This means not washing it with shampoo too often because curly hair more naturally prone to dehydration. Washing it 2-3 times a week with a good sulfrate-free conditioner is the way to go.

K: What’s your favorite spot for vintage finds? Any tips you can give us when looking for a unique piece?

C: I definitely have a system for vintage shopping. Digging through racks can be tough, so instead I end up scanning racks for a pop of interesting material. My favorite spot in the city is called Village Style on 7th st between Ave A and 1st here in NYC.

K: How would you define your personal style?

C: I’m all about eclecticism. I tend to span across genres and design movements, but one thing that is always consistent is a tendency to wear things that cleverly reflect their function. I also love simple yet creative designs. If something has an embellishment or particular detail, I always prefer everything to actually work and be there for a reason.

K: Your collaboration with jewelry brands Vanessa Mooney and By Boe are awesome! Tell us the inspiration behind the designs.

C: Thanks again! You guys are awesome! Vanessa was the first to be to collaborate with. She had reached out via email and suggested we make something that would give back in some way. After back-and-fourth emails for a few months, we decided to make a rosary-inspired necklace that was inspired by Milagros, or Mexican folk charms. Working with By Boe was also a dream. Annika, who is the head designer, invited me over to her studio in Brooklyn, where we flipped through some ideas in my sketchbook. I’ve always had a thing of eyes. I draw them all the time and I love how almost every culture has a form of an eye symbol. We also noticed I drew a ton of arrows, and we figured eyes and arrows have an interesting look when layered together. I LOVE how the collection came out.

K: As a NYFW veteran, what was exciting about attending this year? 

C: Fashion Week is always different for me every season. Most years I just head off to shows and be done with it, but this year I assisted a photographer named Rachel Scroggins (greyestghost.wordpress.com), and was able to go backstage more often. I always preferred backstage to the shows, I guess I just love feeling the energy and being able to see the show come together slowly.

K: Any current books/artists you’ve been into lately?

C: I tend to get into the habit of reading too many things at once, so it’ll be a while until I finish anything but right now it’s Leonard Cohen’s biography “I’m Your Man”, “Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules” which is a book of short stories edited by David Sedaris (one of my favorite authors) and a graphic novel named “Fun Home” by Allison Bechdel.

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