April 11, 2013

Meet the Blogger: Marcella Lau of Fashion Distraction

Meet blogger Marcella Lau of Fashion Distraction from Auckland, New Zealand whose been running her style blog since 2008. Originally from Hong Kong, Marcella also holds a double degree in Economics and Statistics so there’s no doubt that she’s got style and brains! We recently chatted with Marcella about her home in New Zealand, how her personal style has evolved, and tells us what she hopes her dream job will be. Read on for the interview!

Marcella wearing our Plastic Island Feather Print Shorts

Koshka: You’re originally from Hong Kong and raised in New Zealand, do you have any desire to be back in Hong Kong?

Marcella: Yes absolutely, things have changed so much since I left, so it’s basically a completely foreign country to me!

K: What’s the best thing about living in New Zealand?

M: The stability I guess, it’s a relative quiet lifestyle even living in the main city. I would love a change.

K: How would you define your personal style? Anyone that influences you?

M: It’s evolved a lot over the years, I’ve dabbled in a bit of everything trying to find my own sense of style. These days I gravitate towards minimalism with a sporty edge.

K: What’s an item you’ve been obsessed with recently?

M: The Chanel Boy bag, aren’t we all?

K: Describe your dream job.

M: Haven’t narrowed it down completely, but it would revolve around travelling and being in a creative environment.

K: If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

M: Avocado&tofu udon - addictive.

June 14, 2012

Ginger or Mary Ann?

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Aloha! This week at Koshka, we found ourselves and our outfits inspired by sandy beaches, island sunsets and all things tropical. Naturally, our next inclination was to begin pondering all the greatest island ladies of modern lore which, of course, lead us to our favorite pair: GINGER GRANT and MARY ANN SUMMERS! Although the media loved pitting the two against one another, we’re here to reconcile the debate and acknowledge that there’s a little of both in all of us. Take a look below for outfit inspirations for when you feel like channeling Ginger or Mary Ann this season.

Ginger Grant

Batson ‘Maple’ Dress, $345

Nightcap ‘Fall Flowers’ Tunic , $395

Cecico Navy Ruffled Print Tank, $32

Stones ‘Devin’ Floral Dress, $89

Something Else ‘Cocoon’ Tank, $87

Mary Ann Summers

Ladakh Desert Bloom Cami, $65

Plastic Island Feather Print Shorts, $52

Nightcap ‘Tribal Fringe’ Tunic, $239

Lucca Couture Kelly Green Jumpsuit, $69Love Zooey Striped Dolman with Denim Accents, $155

June 6, 2012

Statement Separates

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On days when we don’t necessarily feel like making a splash (i.e. Mondays, dining with the parents, etc.) but still want to give our outfits that little something special, one of the easiest things to do is to draw from our arsenal of statement separates…you know, those seemingly innocuous pieces that have just the right details to give your outfit a little punch without being over the top. The other great thing about statement separates is that you can style them with different items from your wardrobe pretty regularly without getting bored. Perhaps in many ways, statement separates are like comfort food; they always hit the spot.

Scroll on and check out some of our favorite statement finds below!

A bright colored skirt paired with a neutral top.

Otis & Maclain burgundy mid calf skirt with rosette pattern detail.

A black lace skirt.


High Waist Lace Edge Skirt

A bold colored blazer.


Something Else ‘Cupro Jacket’

A black and white tuxedo style jacket.


Aryn K Black White Jacket

A mixed print skirt and a basic top.


Twinkle ‘Carpet Ride’ Skirt

Polka dots.

Otis & Maclain ‘Edie’ Top w/ Tie Knot Back

Shoulder cut-outs.


Plastic Island ‘Cold Shoulder’ Blouse

An embellished top.

Line & Dot Cropped Pearl Jacket